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About Us

Thomas Merton House, Inc. was established in 1976 to provide housing for volunteers working with the poor in downtown Davenport. Over time it has been more or less an incubator for meaningful projects to address the needs of vulnerable populations. Café on Vine was started as a program of Thomas Merton House in 2007. Because the Café has been the only program of Thomas Merton House over the past several years, we have now changed the official name of Thomas Merton House, Inc. to "Cafe On Vine".


The mission remains the same: To promote the dignity of each person by feeding the hungry and advocating for an end to hunger in our community. Our current friends and donors know us as “Café On Vine”, not Thomas Merton House, Inc. Our Board of Directors deemed the change necessary to simplify the donation process and to eliminate confusion when new donors searched for our name. The name change was effective March 13, 2017. At that time, the name Thomas Merton House, Inc. was taken off the Iowa Secretary of State's website.


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